Hi Mira
I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for squeezing me in today... Your combination Indian Head Massage and Reflexology have made a sick, miserable, pregnant lady feel like she's Blooming again! You're a miracle worker... :)
CF - Ashtead


Dear Mira, many thanks for all the lovely treatments throughout my pregnancy and thank you so much for teaching both of us the specific acupressure points to help in labour. Our midwife that assisted our birth said she hadn’t seen ‘alternative’ drug free pain relief like it in her 27 years experience!! She photocopied the information you gave us and asked me all about it. My husband also commented that having these points to work kept him occupied and helped enormously rather than him standing and watching with only words of support in his armoury!
O&T, Wimbledon


Hi Mira, just wanted to say that after having my course of Natural Face Lift Massage treatments my family and friends have regularly commented on how good my skin and facial appearance looks so, for me, that has been a great result. Also, who doesn't want to look younger, and if it can be achieved at no risk, without being cut or injected, then it's an invaluable tool for fending off the ageing process. I will definitely continue the treatments and would recommend to friends! 
BF - Ashtead

Dear Mira
I was completely astonished – and delighted – with the results of the non-surgical facial. It was amazing, reducing my wrinkles and the blemishes beneath my eyes in a single treatment. My skin is much smoother and in far better condition than it has ever been! The treatment is also really relaxing – I can only describe it as reflexology for the face! It’s quickly become one of my favourite treatments and I’ll certainly be keeping it up on a regular basis in future.
Many, many, thanks. 
SF Chichester


Mira Britton, Acupuncture and Holistic Health